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CWQA - Objectives

With deep awareness of the responsibilities to the public at large, the objectives of the CWQA are:
  • To foster and promote the use of industry equipment, products and services.
  • To stimulate public demand for quality water by improving present water quality.
  • To act as a medium for its members and the industry to express opinions relevant to the industry and for providing and disseminating information pertinent to the industry.
  • To coordinate efforts with the Water Quality Association (WQA) toward the accomplishment of mutual objectives.
  • To engage in any other proper and lawful activity of a trade association to best serve the interests of its members and the public.
Why Are We Needed?

Members of the water conditioning industry have joined and supported CWQA through their very real instinct for self-preservation. One of the first challenges for the early CWQA was to fight against having master plumbers exclusively install your products.

Over the years, a most important objective of the CWQA has been to protect the industry and consumers alike from government regulations that unfairly prohibit or restrict the use of water conditioning equipment.

The immediate need for the CWQA changes from year to year, because the specific problems faced by the industry are constantly changing. A major opportunity of the CWQA is to provide a united voice representing millions of dollars of sales and hundreds of jobs statewide in our industry. In this way, the industry's voice, perhaps deemed insignificant by legislatures, takes on added strength and credibility.

The CWQA is able to perform tasks that would be impossible, difficult or too time consuming or expensive to tackle individually.

We also have the opportunity to show we can self-regulate our own industry, reducing the probability of external interference and regulations placed on your business.

We can provide WQA testing for certification to raise the professionals own technical knowledge and thereby raise their image in the industry.

Timely and educational seminars are presented to our members at the annual meeting on a variety of subjects relating to our industry.

The CWQA presents a chance for our members to get to know others in their industry here in Colorado and its neighboring states.

Many members join the CWQA simply for the opportunity it gives them to meet other industry leaders and share information and ideas that made their businesses successful.

Finally, the water conditioning industry in Colorado continually faces the threat of a legislative attack. Laws passed in other states have severely restricted companies' ability to do business. By keeping open lines of communication and keeping abreast of what is happening on the state and local level, we can circumvent such restrictions in our very own state.
The Water Conditioning Industry and the Public Interest
The CWQA is committed to the following principles:

  • Open lines of communication and negotiation with various government agencies and the American Water Works Association (AWWA) in Denver, Colorado.
  • Governmental cooperation with state and regional water quality control boards and other regulatory agencies.
  • Self-regulation and internal policing of the water conditioning industry to insure the highest standards of practices and procedures of its members, as outlined in the CWQA Code of Ethics as well as the WQA Code of Ethics.
Luxury or Necessity?

"The WQA can't possibly put out all the local fires. State associations are the only logical answer."
-Lee Vinyard, President WQA 1980.

The CWQA conducts seminars and meetings to keep its members better informed. The technical, financial and educational seminars as well as the WQA conventions and meetings will help keep you alert to industry trends and in touch with your colleagues around the state.
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